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Yes, invest.  Invest in you and your loved one’s happiness and time together.  Invest in your health and satisfaction by achieving goals, reducing stress, appreciation of family, friends and the special people in life who you enjoy sharing time with.

We help you achieve this goal with consultation and research so making the best investment decision becomes easy and FUN.  Selling plays no part whatsoever.  Hit and run is a traffic accident.  Long term working relationship as your yachting consultant is an investment in each other’s self-esteem and life journey.  We commit to continue earning this relationship every day.



Best place is to start with the mission statement on how you wish to use your next yacht. Then together we discuss the best makes and models to suit your needs. We’ll understand the features and benefits of each. 

The upside and any downsides of each as well as the current market place. Finally, the required maintenance, operating costs and value retention potentials.  With this knowledge a review and cross-section is compiled of the best offerings. Information is power so discover the advantages and possible pitfalls so an educated decision can be made.

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