YachtsAFun Makes Yacht
Investing Fun Again.

Dedicated to Servicing Your Brokerage Needs

Whether you’re investing or marketing a yacht, YachtsAFun is here to make the process smooth, efficient and fun.  YachtsAFun provides concierge brokerage services from South Florida to clients around the globe.


Who We Are

YachtsAFun is composed of like-minded consultants in key locations around the globe who are dedicated to helping achieve our client’s goals.

YachtsAFun prides itself in being a boutique firm offering concierge services while maintaining the highest level of ethics ensuring client’s best interests are always paramount. 


Our Commitment

As professional yacht consultants, we know information is power. We strive to keep our clients up to date and fully informed about making a yacht investment or the marketing of one. YachtsAFun makes the process fun again.



Certified Professional Yacht Brokers (CPYB)




International Yacht Brokers Association (IYBA)

What We Do

YachtsAFun believes in delivering quality, not quantity, where less is always more and fun. YachtsAFun commits to serve the client with true fiduciary responsibility and to become their advocate, never a predator.


Investment Opportunities

While many brokerage companies would charge in blindly with no thought about the process, YachtsAFun is committed to counsel in helping you achieve your goals with our proven procedure. Let’s assess, consider, discuss and then make the best choice for you, the client.

With YachtAFun there are no boxes, instead a global approach considering all options. 

Past clients have offered or been offered a wide assortment of possibilities such as:


A Medici Home



Exotic Cars

An American National Heritage Home

Various “Birds” (Jets, King Air, EC130, Bell 407)

Properties (ski lodge, island home, property)


Our Process

We set realistic goals, outline intermediate milestones to measure progress, agree to work together, and live by our commitments. It is a time-proven solution for success and excellence.

Our Goal

YachtsAFun strives to maximize the return on your investment whether marketing or making the wisest choices when investing in a yacht.  Your best interest is always our ONLY interest. We remain fully committed to you and encourage all brokers to participate in the sale of our clients’ investments.

Qualities of an Exceptional Consultant

A good consultant knows and discusses the makes and models that best meet an investor’s wants and needs. One that stays updated with the market landscape, best price value offerings, and value retention potential. A consultant who’s able to make a realistic valuation based on the overall condition of the yacht and current marketplace.

El Lobo Northstar 80' Sportfishing Boat

Dedication to Our Clients

When YachtsAFun and an owner commit to work together in marketing their yacht, we live by our fiduciary obligation.

Unlike many brokers, we never take the path of least resistance by switching an inquiring prospect to an easier sale.

YachtsAFun remains committed and focused on the mutual goal of maximizing the return on your investment.


Sail away in safety and class.

MSV is the 14th largest sailing yacht in the world.

Read more about her, see videos and photos.